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VelaShape III

Body Contouring Without Surgery

VelaShape III

Not only can VelaShape® III body contouring help you lose up to one whole clothing size without surgery, but it is also clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite!

VelaShape III Slims Your Figure and Reduces Cellulite

With VelaShape III, Confidence Matters can shrink the problem areas where you have maxed out results of dieting and exercise. VelaShape III uses a combination of energies — vacuum, infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency — to deep heat and shrink fat cells and surrounding tissue. You see results quickly and without the downtime associated with invasive surgery!

Here’s how it works:

  • A vacuum source elevates the target tissue, bringing it closer to the energy source
  • Infrared light heats the targeted area
  • Bi-polar radio frequency energy guides the heat evenly throughout the targeted area, so it heats faster without damaging the skin

VelaShape III also delivers results with minimal discomfort. In fact, many VelaShape III patients compare the treatment to a warm deep-tissue massage.

If you’re ready to feel more confident in your clothes, talk to Confidence Matters about VelaShape III. Call 301.729.FAST (3278) to schedule a consultation.

Before & After VelaShape III